Items for sale or exchange

No 1 and 2 Camel projects were ours, Patrick Siegwald has the No 4 for sale and the No 3 was sold to be finished elsewhere.  After the engine failure with the No 1, I am now concentrating on the No 2. The No 1 has been sold to the Pima Air and Space Museum for restoration for static display.

We still want some original instruments and controls including: WW1 Tachometer and Sopwith Air Pressure Gauge, WW1.  We would buy or exchange for some of our ‘spare’ originals.  We have also made some extra fixtures and equipment during our Sopwith Camel project which are for sale or exchange to help other enthusiasts and to fund or swap for items we need.   I am using some parts from my first Camel on the No2.  Please contact me if you are interested in anything.

See link for Tiger Moth Spares for sale

Sopwith Camel blank data plate

Three way fuel valve

Fuel Filter

Blank date plate for other Sopwith aircaft

Tampier Control

Watch Holder

Sopwith Camel Windscreen casting without glass

Sopwith Camel spade grip casting unmachined

Sopwith Camel gun trigger castings unmachined

Sopwith Camel Air admittance
T castings

Exchange Item: MkIVA S Smiths ASI 50-250 KPH

MkIVA S Smiths ASI 40-160 MPH

Exchange item: Mk Vb Short and Mason Altimeter 0-28,000ft