LeClerget 9ba rotary engine history

This original LeClerget 130 hp engine, number 3637, was produced in 1917 by Société Clerget-Blin et Cie and held in stores at Toussus Le Noble airfield, west of Paris, during WW1. After the war, the engine was sent to a French aviation training unit at Aeroport Pau Pyrenees where it remained in its crate. The engine was purchased in 1937 with only 2.5 hours factory run time on it and moved to Cerny-La Ferte Alais where it was hidden from the Germans during WWII. It remained stored until we acquired it.  It has been stripped down, cleaned and reassembled ready for bench testing again! It was test fitted to the F-AZZC fuselage on 21st May 2014.