News & Questions

There have been several articles and news clips about our aircraft in our times and before.  The ones we know about are listed below but we would like to know if there are more!

Moth Minor

The Moth magazine No:  154, Classic Wings Issue 79 Volume 18, Enterprise moth magazine No: 94, Enterprise moth magazine No: 80 Summer 1992, Enterprise moth magazine No: 77 Summer 1991, Youtube clip of Vintage Light Aircraft at Old Warden early 1990s, Pilot magazine March 1988, Flight International magazine December 1977,

Sopwith Camel

WW1 Aero journal Nos: 214 February 2013 (see article) & 220 August 2014, General Aviation AOPA journal February 2011, tripaleI-magazine-octobre-2013, Aerospace Testing International – September 2014,  Haynes Sopwith Camel Owners Workshop Manual January 2016, La Renaissance Lochoise 26/9/2016 and The Flying Machine No1 October 2016. Aerodynamic 2020 & 2021 Calendar, The Flying Machine 1, 5, 11, 17 & 23, channel 5 British Planes that won the War 2022.

Tiger Moth

General Aviation AOPA journal February 2011 (see article), Pleinvol Total magazine No: 9 May 2007, The Moth magazine No: 114, Youtube Pink Floyd promotional video for ‘Point me at the Sky’, France 3 local TV News 10/5/2013, La Nouvelle Republique 10/5/2013 & Sept 2019. 2020 Orbigny Pompiers calendar. March 2015 French TV  2020, French TV again! Then British TV channel 5 in 2022.


France 3 local TV News 10/5/2013, La Nouvelle Republique 10/5/2013.

We are trying to identify the uses of the brass number 4 riggers tool. It is shown in these pictures. Please send us your thoughts.