Sopwith Camel Cowlings and Fuel and Oil Tanks

The Nose Cowling was spun and pressed out. French efforts on the firewall and lower side shields were disastrious. Steve Moon from Aviation Panels came up trumps with good drawing interpretation and real practical skill. F-AZZB Camel cowlings were finished, including magazines and ammunition chutes. Metal Avia helped with the final nose bowl fitting which required fettling around the completed leClerget engine. Cowlings for F-AZZB are on their way but will need to be adapted for the Gnome Monosoupe

cowl & ring, good firewall & sideshield

fitted firewall and undershield

magazine and ammunition chutes

Fitted spun cowling

Fitted undershield

Fitted top cowling

Starboard view of doors, chutes and air intake

Air intake pipe and magazines

An original oil tank has been useful as a model but the work to make it oil tight might damage it so new ones have been made. The fuel and oil tanks have all been made from tinned steel by Grant Garner of G&M Aerotanks. The fuel tank manufacture is shown in the following pictures. There is a main tank and a gravity tank.