News Flash September 2021 –  A little Camel work but the fettling takes a lot of time and can’t close last panels till plumbing and wiring all complete.  Started work on the DH94 restoration.

  • Engine fitted
  • Centre section rigging
  • F-AZZB Painted
  • Tiger and Camel 2
  • Feeling the fresh air!
  • F-AZZB rigged
  • Empennage covered
  • Tanks in and plumbing started
  • Controls fitted
  • Guns, Aldis & prop fitted
  • Camel 1
  • F-AZZC engine run
  • F-AZZC skeleton
  • Sleeping Camel
  • Tiger in the snow
  • Tiger over Orbigny
  • November 2016
  • T38 in France 2
  • wowslider.com
  • T21 Special Xmas
Engine fitted1 Centre section rigging2 F-AZZB Painted3 Tiger and Camel 24 Feeling the fresh air!5 F-AZZB rigged6 Empennage covered7 Tanks in and plumbing started8 Controls fitted9 Guns, Aldis & prop fitted10 Camel 111 F-AZZC engine run12 F-AZZC skeleton13 Sleeping Camel14 Tiger in the snow15 Tiger over Orbigny16 November 201617 T38 in France 218 T21 First winch launch19 T21 Special Xmas20
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