Sopwith Camel Fuel System

Originals we are looking for include a Hand Air Pump (used before engine start when the Rotherham Pump should work), a Sopwith Pressure Gauge and Relief Valve, 3/8 three way Fuel Selector and a Fuel Filter.

A Rotherham Pump is used to pressurise the main fuel tank. The propeller activates the pump to 1.5 to 2.5 psi pressure. In early Camels it was fitted to the rear right cabane strut then later to the undercarriage to reduce stress. Pilots preferred the strut as they could see if it was working. The Hand Air Pump has been copied from an original, kindly on loan.

Test board to check the hand (and Rotherham)pump to 5 psi and hold 2psi.The Sight Gauge is made from original plans & measures the content of the pressure fuel tank. The fuel filter manufacture has involved casting, spinning, lathe, milling and solder work.

Throttle fuel assembly


3 Way Valve

We are duplicating the Rotherham Pump, the Hand Air Pump, the 3 way valve and filter body – see some of the template and casting works.