Sopwith Camel Armament

The Sopwith Camel F1 had 2 Vickers Machine Guns. Mine were made 25 years ago from original drawings, in metal but are not operational.  The gunsight was made from original drawings and I have an original Aldis sight. Often the Camel F1 used both sights.  Fitting the sight and windshield require careful work on the cowlings. I have magazines and ammunition chutes. There is an official 1918 AD No.2190 to ensure the magazines can not foul the carburettor controls.

  • Vickers Guns cleaned
  • Vickers gun mounted
  • Vickers gun sight
  • Sight mounted on gun
  • Aldis from pilot's view
  • Guns & Aldis, enemy view
  • Windscreen close up
  • Aldis fitting close up
  • image slider
  • View through Aldis sight
Vickers Guns cleaned1 Vickers gun mounted2 Vickers gun sight3 Sight mounted on gun4 Aldis from pilot's view5 Guns & Aldis, enemy view6 Windscreen close up7 Aldis fitting close up8 Original Aldis detail 9 View through Aldis sight10 by v8.6