LeClerget – making it work

First the engine was stripped down and cleaned, then fully checked out by a French expert who rebuilt it according to the le Clerget-Blin manual, including careful rebalancing.  New rocker arms and other parts had to be made before final build and test could take place.  This time the engine went to Nick Clarke in England.  A combined travelling and test stand was built.  The manual dossier included various RFC and RAF as well as French and English Le Clerget documentation.  The engine was started on 5th May 2017 for the first time again for around 100 years!  Watch the movie below.  It was refitted to F-AZZC in July 2017 and flew in September 2017, albeit very briefly.  It survived the heavy arrival of F-AZZC and has been fully restored to running condition again.

Le Clerget running again after 100 years

Fitting engine to trailer

Engine in test position

Engine in travel psition

Trailer ready to go

Happy Boys