No 4 Camel

No 4 Camel is owned by Patrick Siegwald.  The work was undertaken by John Shaw for Patrick so is the same as F-AZZC and F-AZZB.  It is not fully complete.  For more information and price contact Patrick on

  • Fuselage
  • Wing ribs
  • Spar connectors, etc
  • Interplane strut fittings
  • Tailplane
  • Control tube, foot step, etc
  • Rudder pedal & connectng bracket
  • css slider
  • Turtle deck and side fairing frames
Fuselage1 Wing ribs2 Spar connectors, etc3 Interplane strut fittings4 Tailplane5 Control tube, foot step, etc6 Rudder pedal & connectng bracket7 Joy stick, cloche, rear engine bracket8 Turtle deck and side fairing frames9 by v8.7