This is the second project and made to the same standard as the first Sopwith Camel F1 F-AZZC, ie to original drawings and with original materials where possible. It is being built under the French vintage register and F-AZZB has been reserved.  It will be rigged using original 1917/18 rigging notes and diagrams.  The French authorities have cleared us to complete the aircraft ready to fly.

The front engine plate has been designed for a le Clerget 9B rotary engine and has been adapted for the 100 hp Gnome from CAMS.  Our engine is the fifth made by CAMS, delivered in December 2018 and fitted in January 2019.  The flying wires were supplied by Bruntons and have a certificate of conformity.  The tanks were manufactured from original drawings and tested. The new cane seat is again of original design.  There is an instrument panel with packer discs designed for the instruments of the period.  We have the instruments but would like a better tachometer and pressure gauge.

The fuselage is assembled and has been fitted with its undercarriage.  The tail plane, fin and rudder are made and control wires spliced up.  The three top wings are assembled, complete with wing pins drilled, and the lower wings are complete except for some special final ribs.  The aileron woodwork is made.  The interplane struts are made but will require trimming and fitting when the aircraft is rigged for the first time.  The cabane struts and centre section top wing have been fitted.

The majority of cowlings have been made.  The fuselage is in the UK for firewall to be made and cowlings finalised and fitted.  We will use the magazines and guns from our first Camel, (once slight damage repaired!).  The spun nose cowling needs major adjustment for the Gnome engine.  We have an Aldis sight.  The washed linen to cover this aircraft has been mostly cut out and the wing panels have been balloon stitched.  The tail plane and rudder have already been covered.

The fuselage has already been fitted with most equipment such as air admittance T, windscreen, hand pump, Rotherham pump, 3 way valve, fuel filter, Tampier control and Sight Gauge.